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EPFL Extension School — Applied Data Science: Machine Learning

I have just successfully defended my end-of-course project for the EPFL Extension School and earn an EPFL Certificate of Open Studies Diploma and 15 ECTS credits.

Registration and beginning of the course.

Registration was facilitated by my company and fees covered … good!.

Deep dive in Machine Learning

The 3rd course made a wide introduction in Machine Learning technics and started we some basic concept about linear regression. Times series is covered and all elements as cost functions or model tuning as well.

Capstone project & end of the cursus

At the end of the training, I had to realize a end-to-end project. The topics is free of choice but must be accepted by the learning process. I choose to predict probability of flows (in/out) in portfolio by transforming a time series in a supervised learning dataset and apply classification modeling. The project must cover all material teaches during the course such as data collection, EDA, visualization, modeling and evaluation. I spent 3 months on my project and I graduated last week.


Spending time on the units and training material is not enough. I learned a lot by reading article on Medium and other publishing platform.

Passionate programmer with more than 30 years of experience, from the first Cobol programs to Python.

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